Llew Williams

3D artist

Current Computer Animation student in my final year of education. At the moment I'm working on my final major projects working towards my final grade. I primarily focus on environment and prop modelling, although I am capable of a good standard in character modelling. Feel free to check out my work below, and please get in touch if you'd like to commission work or get in touch.


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Environment Artwork


Character Artwork


Collaboration Projects

Check out my environment work

My primary focus in 3D modelling revolves around creating props and assets for game levels. Although some of my work consists of creating appropriate assets for animations too.

Check out my character work

While character modelling isn't my main focus I am still capable of creating characters and creatures to a good standard, being capable of making characters to be used in animations or games with appropriate topology.

Check out the projects I've been part of

A collection of my work being part of projects I have worked on, demonstrating my skills in all my areas of expertise.




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